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Ready for Guaranteed Results?

  • Is your organization seeking to develop a leadership pipeline that will improve employee engagement, retention and company performance?
  • Are you ready to focus on developing leadership behaviors (i.e., soft skills)?
  • Are you tired of dealing with training and personality assessments that don’t deliver measurable results?

If so, there is a solution. Practicee is an executive coaching and software firm that improves business results through the proven behavioral science of practice.

Organizations provide leadership and employee training, but no reliable way to encourage and quantify the holy grail of behavioral change. We feature a unique service and software technology for delivering behavioral change, which in turn will produce the results you seek.

To introduce you to Practicee, we’d like to offer you our Free Ebook, which will help your leaders LEAP from goals to greatness.


Practicee uniquely focuses on an inside-outcome approach that converts learning, assessments, and goals (inside) into measurable success behaviors (outcome).


Track mobile communities of practice where coaching, feedback, and accountability accelerate business performance.


Guaranteed, measurable behavior change, which creates a high performance culture and sustainable organizational results.

Practice Makes Permanent

Marshall Goldsmith, PhD

“The major challenge of most executives is not understanding the practice of leadership – it is practicing their understanding of leadership.” 

Leaders Love Practicee

Michael Papay

ResultPal uses the refreshingly simple power of practice to improve leadership, employee, team, and organizational performance.

Michael PapayCEO and Co-FounderWaggl, a real-time employee feedback platform
Les Brown

This is a GOLD mine!

Adam Coe

ResultPal fills a gigantic gap that takes a leader from merely being aware of development opportunities to the next level of actually executing leadership excellence in the workplace.

Adam CoeAdministratorGood Samaritan Society
Riz Majumder

ResultPal bridges the yawning gap that exists between leadership strategy and the bottom line performance results of today’s organizations.

Riz MajumderOrganizational Development & Training ManagerState of Texas
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